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American Classic Tires
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American Classic Tires | Coker Tire | Vintage Tires 

American Classic Tires 50 55 60 Series Wide Whitewall Tires. Looking to update your car’s handling but keep the clean styling of a wide whitewall? These American Classic tires feature a low profile design to increase handling and are available for 15-, 16- and 17-inch wheel diameters. These are perfect for an updated classic or a modern cruiser that needs an old-school touch.  Available Sizes - 205/60R15, 205/55R16, 205/50R17

American Classic Radial White Wall Tires. 50 55 60 Series Narrow whitewalls were common a few decades ago, and now you can have them on your modern car, thanks to these American Classic radials. They feature a narrow white wall to uphold the classic styling with the advantage of low profile sizes to keep up with the times.  Available Sizes - 215/60R15, 205/60R16, 215/55R16, 235/60R16, 235/55R17

American Classic Radial 75 Series Narrow Whitewall tires manufactures these radials with a narrow whitewall to meet the needs of restorers and custom builders across the country. They’re made in the USA and feature 75-series profile for the appropriate driving characteristics and classic looks.  Available Sizes - 205/75R14, 215/75R14, 235/75R14, 165R15, 195/75R15, 205/75R15, 215/75R15, 225/75R15, 235/75R15

American Classic Radial 75 Series Wide Whitewall tires. How about a set of wide whitewall radials for your classic car? These Coker Tire American Classic wide white wall tiresfeature a tall 75-series profile, which is perfect for your classic car restoration or even a chopped and dropped custom.  Available Sizes - 205/75R14, 215/75R14, 235/75R14, 165R15, 195/75R15, 205/75R15, 215/75R15, 225/75R15, 235/75R15, 215/70R16, 235/70R16

American Classic Tire looks like Bias Ply Tires with construction of Radial Vintage Whitewall. Want the authentic appearance of a bias ply tire, with the modern handling and performance of a radial? Look no further than the new American Classic Bias Look Radial, available in many sizes to fit 13-, 14- and 15-inch wheels. A wide range of applications makes this a very popular choice for classic cars of the ‘40s, ‘50s and ‘60s. These tires are DOT and ECE approved, and they’re made in the USA.  Available Sizes - 6.50R13, 7.50R14, 8.00R14, 5.60R15, 6.70R15, 7.10R15,7.60R15, 8.00R15, 8.20R15

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