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Coker Classic Tires
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Coker Classic Tires | Coker Tire 


Coker Tire Company is a Chattanooga Tennessee based company that manufactures and sells vintage-style Michelin, Firestone, BFGoodrich, and Uniroyal bias-ply and radial whitewall tires for collector automobiles. Coker Tire is the World’s largest supplier of collector car antique tires.   Applications include: restored classic vehicles, Hot Rods, Muscle Cars, Modern Muscle Cars, and among many others. Though Coker Classic Tire products retain the appearance of the original tires by using the original, refurbished molds, or new molds built from original drawings, the tires are made with modern materials. Coker Tire was given manufacturing rights by the original tire brands and also has acquired many different tire molds of the original obsolete tires they manufacture. In addition to tires, Coker Tire also offers wheels for collector vehicles.  

Choose from Vintage Tire variations in, radials, bias ply, whitewall tires to fit your classic car. If you like wide whitewalls, the Coker Classic tire will surely grab your attention with bright whitewalls and your choice of bias ply 78 serie and 75 series radial classic tires for your hot rod, custom or old school street rod. One of the widest whitewalls available from Coker Tire, this L78 bias ply has the ultimate styling for any classic car.

Coker Tire Company Classic Wide Whitewall Tires and Redline Radials are made here in the USA with modern compounds for improved grip, ride quality, and safety on the street or at the track.  Coker Classic Tire Bias Ply whitewall and blackwall tires are made in the USA. For over 30 years, Coker Classic whitewall tires and nostalgia radial tires have been the choice of classic car and hot rod enthusiasts for years.  The Coker Classic radial offers All Season tread design, radial construction that improves handling and ride quality compared to bias ply originals.


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