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Firestone Classic Tires
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 Coker Firestone Vintage Tires

 Firestone Wide Oval Tires, Firestone Whitewall Tires, Firestone Vintage

Coker Firestone Vintage Tires. Are you restoring an antique automobile or traditional hot rod?  If so, you will want to maintain the original appearance of the bias-ply tires made from the original molds.  Coker Tire Company Firestone Vintage bias-ply tires are manufactured with the highest quality standards using modern materials and techniques.

Firestone Wide Oval Tires.  Coker Tire Vintage Firestone Wide Oval tires were original equipment choice on many OE Muscle Car Manufacturers of the 1960`s and 1970`s.   The Wide Oval Coker Firestone features the original Sup-R-Belt tread design...and they`re built in original molds with modern materials and technology here in USA! These Firestone Wide Oval bias ply tires are available in the exact sidewall designs raised white letters, redline, and white pinstripe.

Firestone Dragster tires are cheater slicks, designed for nostalgia drag cars, hot rods and rat rods. These tires have "just enough" tread to be DOT approved, yet still have the vintage drag race styling. This 8.20-16 features a 1-7/8-inch whitewall, and works well with any of our other Firestone Deluxe Champion bias ply tires.  Firestone Dragster cheater slicks are bias ply tires, and they feature a compound that is great for the street or strip. The four ply polyester construction makes for a sturdy tire for any hot rod application. Coker Tire produces these Firestone cheater slicks in brand new molds built from the original Firestone drawings, so they are as authentic as you can get! Made in the USA!

Firestone Dirt Track tires are a recreation of actual dirt track racing tires from the `40s and `50s. Coker Tire produces these tires, by using a brand new mold, built from the original Firestone drawings. With many sizes to fit 15- to 19-inch wheels, including these 8.90-16 grooved rear tires, there are lots of fitment options for traditional hot rods, rat rods and more! These are a perfect fit for your 16-inch steelies, vintage racing wheels or wire wheels!  Firestone Dirt Track tires are made in the USA, and they are DOT approved. All Dirt Track tires feature a bias ply construction, and offer the right stance for the perfect big and little combination. Deluxe Champion Dirt Track tires are only available in blackwall form, which is the perfect look for a sinister vintage hot rod.

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