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In the the early days of hot rod history, American Racing Wheels and Halibrand Wheels were two of the first companies to manufacture hot rod wheels from magnesium, later nicknamed, mag wheels.    These vintage custom wheels offered an excellent strength to weight ratio that drag racers wanted; the magnesium wasn`t the most stable nor the easiest to maintain and not to mention that they could catch fire.  And fire is not the kind of hot rod that you want!  

Halibrand and American Racing rims quickly learned that drag racing and hot rod enthusiasts were paying attention because what won on the weekends at the drag strip, rang the cash registers the following week.  When Torque Thrust Wheels were introduced, it truly was a game changer.  Back in the day, the American Racing wheel dealers could not keep them on the shelf.  As the 5 spoke Torq Thrust hit the streets, those rusty old steel wheels quickly became good boat anchors and hose reels.  For more history on the American Racing Wheels for sale as well as the history of the Torque Thrust, check out

The 1960`s ushered in the golden age Detroit muscle cars with more horsepower and even more enthusiasm for the need for speed.  Many of the most popular mag wheel brands, such as Cragar Wheels, Rocket Racing Wheels, E-T Wheels, and U.S. Mag Wheels were founded in the mid 1960s.  While these very popular cast aluminum wheel companies provided the market a much wider selection, the wheel market changed again in the 1980`s when it became possible to actually manufacture custom wheels built to customers specifications from Billet Aluminum.  Boyd Coddington and Billet Specialties were the earliest of billet wheel companies. Today, the custom forgeline wheel and rims marketplace includes some other names such as Budnik, Intro Wheels, Foose Wheels, Colorado Custom Wheels, Forgeline Wheels and many more.  This new technology gives us the ability to provide you a myriad of custom classic wheel styles, custom rims in a variety of sizes, backspacings, bolt patterns and finishes. For more history of the custom billet wheel industry, check out

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