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American Racing Wheels was founded in 1956 and today, is clearly one of the leaders in the vintage wheels industry.   However, nearly 10 years earlier, the very first producer of classic wheels was Halibrand Engineering.  Halibrand and American Racing both knew that the same lighter stronger properties of magnesium would deliver the same performance characteristics for Indy cars and sprint cars as was being used by the military in their war planes.  

There is no doubt that the construction of mag wheels was a significant improvement compared to heavier steel wheels and wire wheels from the 30`s and 40`s.  Hot rod enthusiasts were clearly paying attention to what was winning on the tracks and American Racing was paying attention as well.  They went to work on wheel styles and took wheel style to a new level.   When the American Wheels Torque Thrust hit the market, it was a craze that lit a fire that has never dimmed.  Just like magnesium replaced steel wheel construction, aluminum wheels was introduced as a more stable and equally strong platform for the hot rod wheels market.  Check out entire selection of American Racing Rims on our NEW mag wheel visualizer.  Check back often, we will be adding more wheel brands and hot rods and muscle cars.






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