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Cragar Wheels
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Cragar Wheels, Rims

 Cragar Wheels 

The Cragar Wheels name goes back as far as the early 1930`s when co-founders Crane Gartz and Harlan Fengler began producing engine cylinder heads.  The Cragar name came from the first 3 letters of first and last name of CRAne GARtz.  Cragar made its most significant impact to the custom wheel market when it introduced the Cragar SS chrome wheel for sale in 1964.  There is no mistaking that the S/S Super Sport Cragar rims hit the mark at precisely the best time possible, as the Detroit Muscle Car market had begun to make its mark on the U.S.  Not only did Americans want to go fast, they wanted to look good doing it and many did so on Cragar Custom Wheels.

As a result of Cragar Wheels success, the competition took notice as well.  All of the muscle car wheel suppliers from the 1960`s, such U.S. Mags, E-T Wheels, Halibrand and Radir Wheels were all chasing their own version of the perfect muscle car wheel.  Thanks for shopping Cragar Wheels for sale @ Newstalgia Wheel.

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