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Rocket Racing Wheels
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Rocket Racing Wheels

Do you remember back in the days when innovative gear heads in hopped-up roadsters streaked across Southern California dry lakebeds in a quest for speed and lead sleds cruised the Boulevards across America and Hot Rods with Gasser Wheels burned up the drag strip?  Rocket Racing Wheels is the hot rod wheel brand that reminiscent of the golden age of hot rodding and Detroit automotive performance. 

Rocket Racing Wheels, among other companies producing mag wheels during the mid-60s were all chasing the hi-octane impassioned muscle car enthusiasts.  When you look back in the archive of styles of mag wheels from brands such as Halibrand Wheels, E-T Wheels, Cragar, Rader Wheels and U.S. Mags, they all shared similar styles and each of them introduced and contributed their own versions of bonneville wheels, gasser wheels and torq thrust styles.

Today, Rocket Racing Wheels has emerged as the leader in providing historically accurate hot rod and muscle car wheels at incredible prices.  Why wait weeks or even months for custom wheels when Rocket has in-stock, ready-to-ship, purpose-built, timeless classic wheels.  Save money and enjoy them right away. 

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