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Weld Racing Wheels was founded in 1967 by a sprint car racer, Greg Weld.  Guided by his will to win and his ability to think outside the box, Weld Wheels set the pace with a new technology to vintage racing wheels called the Sport Forged Series.  Weld's vision was to build a stronger, lighter and truer wheels for both on and off the race track.   Whether you are a drag racer or oval track racer, you are always looking for an advantage.  And the advantage came from the newly introduced technology of cold forged aluminum.   The Weld Racing Drag Lites, Rod Lites and Pro Stars dominated the tracks with enhanced the performance and appearance of race cars and hot rods everywhere across the U.S..    For more information about Weld Wheels, visit 

Weld Racing Wheels - Draglite - America's most popular wheel style--redefined, the Draglite wheels are made from cold-forged aluminum, so you know they're strong and lightweight. They can take the abuse of street driving, while reducing your car's unsprung weight, helping to lower ETs and improve your car's handling. The Weld Drag lite Muscle car wheels have a highly polished finish and include a center cap.

Weld Racing Wheels - Prostar - The original 5-spoke street and Muscle Car wheel. The Pro Star wheels are like no other wheels on the street or strip. They're precision-crafted from cold-forged aluminum, are superior in strength, and are pounds lighter than other brands of aluminum wheels. The wheels are guaranteed tubeless, come with a brilliantly polished finish, and include an aluminum push-through center cap.

Weld Racing Wheels - Rodlite - The classic custom wheel for Street Rods and Street Machines. These beautiful Rodlite wheels feature an innovative design that recalls wheel designs from the past. Precision-crafted of cold-forged aluminum, Rodlites are superior in strength, yet pounds lighter than similar styles. Brilliantly polished and guaranteed tubeless, each comes complete with an aluminum push-through center cap.




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