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Year One
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Year One Wheels, Snow Flake Wheels, Wheel Vintiques, Billet Vintiques 

Year One Wheels  

Snow Flake Wheels   The original “Snowflake” wheels were offered in 15” diameters only for the 1977-81 Firebirds and Trans Ams. There were two designs of the snowflake with the biggest difference being the width. The earlier design had a 7″ width, while the second design featured an 8″ width. The 8″ width proved to be very popular and continues to be a favorite among Firebird and Trans Am enthusiasts. The Year One snow flake wheels feature three accent color choices of silver, black and gold. 

Magnum 500 Wheels  -  The history of the Magnum 500 wheel began in the golden age of detroit muscle pony car.  They were produced by the Motor Wheel Corporation back in the 1960s and 70s and were O.E. wheels on the Pontiac GTO, Ford Torino, Shelby Mustang, Plymouth Barracuda and many more.   The newest version of this classic wheel took the original Big 3 pony car wheel design, and improved it by casting it in aluminum.  The larger 17-inch diameter Year One Magnum 500 wheels are available with both 8- and 9-inch widths are considerably lighter than the steel wheel version.  Updating the material to aluminum saves unsprung weight while increasing the size allows the use of modern tires and increases room for bigger brakes used by today’s builders.  

Pontiac Rally II Wheels - The original Pontiac Rally II wheel was came factory on found many of the Pontiac muscle cars between 1967 thru the early 1980's.  Back in those days, these were steel wheels and only available in 14" and 15" sizes.  Today, the Year One Pontiac Rally II allows you to lighten up your unsprung weight with an all aluminum larger 17" diameter to give you more visual impact, mount performance tires and brakes.  Get noticed and get performance with Year One rallye wheels.

N90 Wheels  - Known as the N90 wheel, in larger diameter, modern remakes of the original aluminum casting found on late second-generation Camaro Z28's and the mid-80's Monte Carlo SS.  YearOne N90 wheels introduced the original styling of the N90 rallye wheel design in a modern 17-inch diameter, providing larger impact and allows the enthusiasts to use performance tires and ability to clear most larger performance brake systems..  



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